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What is the best affiliate program?

The world of affiliate marketing is a business which is full of opportunity. There are very few opportunities in life that take such little effort that can lead to such big rewards. But as is the case with most businesses, what you put into it will closely reflect what you get out of it. Choose a top rated affiliate program. Here are our top affiliate programs.

Health Care Affiliate Programs

Market Health

Market health was established in 1998. It was originally  known as, Market Health is now the world's largest integrated online marketing company in the health and beauty industry. The Market Health Affiliate Program allows you to market and promote the world’s leading health and beauty offers on the net. Market Health offers some of the highest paying affiliate commissions and one of the most advance tracking software in the industry. Choose from over 100 offers which include herbal supplements, skin care, vitamins, beauty products, mens's health care, women's health care, colon health, weight loss and more...



MoreNiche is a premium affiliate network, which allows you to earn large commissions for promoting highly desirable products and services online. For every conversion (sale, lead, phone call) you make, MoreNiche will pay you up to $300.00. To make it even easier, they provide you with everything you need including marketing tools, free websites and 1on1 support.

You will be paid on the 10th and 26th of every month by a payment method of your choice . As a further incentive to get started, MoreNiche will automatically enter you in to their Cash Activation Bonus system. This program rewards you with great affiliate prizes and signup bundle just for joining and getting started.

MoreNiche™ provides you with:

  • The tracking technology which generates you a unique Affiliate ID (AF10002 for example) and URL that you use to refer online surfers. This ensures you get credited for a conversion.
  • 100's of free websites for you to use. We will also show you how to edit your website and add copy. Most importantly we will show you techniques on how to attract online surfers and then how to convert them into commissions.
  • Access to high converting product/service offerings. You will have access to highly profitable niches, with unique offerings. This will make it easier for you to earn large commissions on a regular basis.
  • MoreNiche™ guarantee you your payment. If the merchant does not pay us, then that is our problem, not yours. For 6 years payments have been on time every time.
  • MoreNiche™ apply strict merchant guidelines. A merchant will not get into our network unless their website converts. Every merchant must follow our strict internal KPI checklists and provide ample resources before being accepted.


WorldNiche offers affiliates from around the globe an opportunity to make residual income for the rest of their lives. Whether you are an experienced online marketer or have no experience with internet promotion, WorldNiche and it's team of experts has you covered. Have fun making tons of cash online! With our affiliate support team comprised of affiliate managers, marketing guru's, 24 hr technical support and website designers at your disposal, your earning potential is truly unlimited. The WorldNiche product line is proven to convert.

With constant updates and use of customer feedback, WorldNiche keeps its products in line with today's and tomorrow's ever-changing market. We do our homework so your customers keep coming back for more! Internet usage is continuing to explode and the online industry is growing day after day. Don't wait another minute to jump on this opportunity.


Debt Relief & Security Affiliate Programs

Rising Revenue

Rising Revenue is one of the fastest growing affiliate management company and network anywhere. They specialize in managing affiliate programs that are not found on every other network. That means you have the opportunity to promote exclusive programs that break through the clutter. Products include CyberDefender, Foreclosure Relief Kit, Freedom Financial -- Debt Relief, and Lexington Law Firm -- Credit Repair Services. Why wait? Click  the link to join...

Alliance Health

Alliance Health  is a Leader in Healthcare Marketing As a part of the Alliance Health Affiliate Program you can help consumers better manage their health

In 2006, Americans spent $250.6 billion on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Alliance Health Networks is dedicated to offering consumers more health product choices, better solutions, and trusted brands. When you join our affiliate program, you can help connect your customers with our best health products and services. In the past twelve months, 100 million Americans searched for health information online. As part of our affiliate network, you can tap into this tremendous need for health products and services.

Alliance Health  has systematically developed and refined advertising for pay-for-sale programs and lead generation programs. Thoroughly tested banners and lead forms that convert at twice the rate of competitors Ads for trusted brand-name products with percent-of-sales payouts Versatile programs give you the option of lead generation and/or percent of sales

Affiliate marketing is a gold mine waiting to be picked. The amount of money you can make is staggering, but you can make a lot more if you follow the golden rules. By being passionate about what you sell and being knowledgeable about the field, you’ll convince many more folks to click away and buy.

Find a top rated affiliate program.

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